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The one where Vanessa thinks she’s rich

Vanessa’s unending quest for popularity and layered sweaters reaches its height in this episode where she desperately wants to impress the captains of the pep squad so she invites them to her house to help them make up cheers and of course messes everything up because of her giant blabbermouth. Her largest gaffe is telling the girls that her mother bought a painting for $11,000 which comes back to haunt her the next day at school when two girls call her ‘rich girl’ and she tries to beat them up (as evidenced by her khaki romper which is inexplicably torn only over her left boob). Theo takes a break from getting beaten in checkers by Rudy (the only game ever shown in the Huxtable house besides a chess board and a deck of cards) to ask Vanessa what happened and explains that he would love it if someone called him rich at school because he feels it would get him in good with Maxine Kirkwood (which we all know is his codename for Cockroach). Vanessa decides she will place the blame on Cliff and Clair for being rich as the reason she got into the fight. Cliff explains to her that he and Clair are rich; she has nothing. And Vanessa decides that when she grows up she will be poor because it will make her children’s lives easier and Cliff makes her promise not to bring them over to his house someday to beg for money because if there’s anything he hates more than kids it’s poor kids.


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