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The one with hoagies and the HMC

Claire is off at Hillman, probably giving some lecture on the direct correlation between the expensiveness of clip-on earrings and increased perceptions of intelligence and power by your peers.  Meanwhile, Cliff has decided to dump Rudy off on his parents for a slumber party where they decide the best way to spend the evening is to dress her in 1940’s evening wear and teach her outdated jive lingo.  Denise invites Vanessa to go hang in the Village with her and her NYU friends but insists they have to ‘dress funky’ to fit in which in 1985 apparently translates loosely into dressing like androgynous Depression-era newsies.  Theo is again lying to himself about being obsessed with his best friend Cockroach by naming to Cliff the 15 girls he has obsessive crushes on.  Cliff decides to initiate an evening of the Huxtable Men’s Club (HMC) which entails eating hoagies and watching westerns on TV.  Cliff runs out to buy some hoagies and Theo immediately puts on one of Claire’s nightgowns to settle down in front of the TV.  Some girls from school come over to hang out with Theo and talk about Whitney Houston and moisturizer,  Cliff comes home and gives Theo some money to take the girls out for hoagies so he can have both his and Theo’s sandwiches to himself, Theo is real sad about having to put on pants, and then Cliff gets a call to deliver a baby which will undoubtedly smell like salami and spicy mustard.


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