Facts and Theories

Cliff likes sandwiches.

Theo likes sandwiches.  Maybe more than Cliff.

Bacon Burger Dogs must always be referred to as BACONBURGERDOGGS!!!

Vanessa is a snoop and a gossip.

Clair’s desk is way too small for a successful attorney.

Clair has nice, poufy hairdos.

There is nothing Clair loves more than tapered legs. Except maybe blazers and clip-on earrings.

It’s nice that Cliff and Clair let Denise go to college after they kicked her off the show.

Cliff hates Elvin.

Everyone pretty much hates Elvin.

Anything can be layered under or over a sweater, including a sweatshirt or another sweater.

Cliff is always giving knee-rides.

Rudy’s friends always wear jogging suits.

Every Cosby owns at least 8.5 jogging suits, give or take a pair of pants.

Cockroach is possibly a member of a New Edition cover band.

Sondra is boring.  Does she spell her name with an “o” or an “a”?  Nobody cares.

There are only three games in the Cosby household: chess, checkers and one deck of cards.

Rudy is always one step away from suffocating Olivia with a pillowcase.

Nothing good happens when a Cosby goes to the mall.

Olivia’s dad is glad he’s in the Navy because that’s less time he has to spend listening to her stupid jokes.

Cliff and Clair are always doing it.