Cosby Game

The Bill Cosby Fun Game (lovingly referred to in some circles as the Cosby Pudding/Murder Game), provides hours of entertainment. Thank God I found it while Googling “Bill Cosby Pudding Sweater.”

I’d like to thank Shawn Houde and Jeremy Lokken, the game’s creators, for designing a game with a captivating storyline and high-class graphic artistry.

The Bill Cosby Fun Game – Click to load and play

Game tips:
1. Kimmy Gibler usually has money.
2. Karl Winslow will either break your camera or steal your money and is mostly dirt poor.
3. The unidentified Latino gentleman usually has pudding and likes to stroke your arm.
4. Make sure you have enough money to buy a shovel from Rosie O’Donnell when the bodies start to stink.
5. Hold on to the yard gnome and Steve Erkel until you’re in need of money- then sell them to the naked fat man on Ebay.
6. If you end up broke and have no way out, let Knight Rider kill you, the music is pretty good.
7. Try to make enough money so you can use the phone in the Cosby Cave to get rescued by an Olsen twin and some monkeys on a motorcycle.