The Cosbys will continue to fascinate man until the end of time.  No divine comedic inspiration will rival the sheer genius of the matriarch-imposed sandwich ban.  No man will have the hand-eye coordination to rival Cliff’s majestic knee-ride.  No child will have a wardrobe consisting of 87% sweatsuits.

Have a Cosby question?  Ask me and I will give you a fairly plausible answer.


9 responses to “About

  1. d2

    I would like to know more about the episode where Rudy is sick and Cliff explains what germs are, why they chose her, and why she’s sick. Rudy takes medicine and then pulls her shirt out to speak directly to her germs.

  2. d2

    What else happens on the one where Cliff and Claire go to a book discussion group (but where Cliff doesn’t actually read the book and is the only male at the discussion), Theo uses a computer to play chess against Cliff, and the kids go to visit So(/a)ndra and Elvin in their 5th floor apartment (with no elevator, to Rudy’s chagrin)?

  3. d2

    I would like to know more about what happens on the one where Theo and Cockroach get tickets from Claire’s hairdresser’s friend (who is a producer on Dance Mania) to be on Dance Mania, but only one gets a chance to dance on the show and Cockroach takes the dancing role? In a substory, I think Vanessa is teaching Cliff base 12 math as they both wear overalls and redo Cliff’s office.

  4. d2

    PS It’s the one where Adam Sandler says he’d pay $1 million to be Cockroach since he got to dance with Tina when the guys are at school the next day.

  5. d2

    Can you tell me what happens on the one where Cliff takes Rudy and her friends (including Bud) to a vaudeville show, where they march into a trunk for the finale? You know, where Cliff ends the show by saying, “Lock ’em in. I’m going to get ice cream!”

  6. Lori

    Can you tell me what happens on the one where Clair gets sent to Hillman for 10 days so Cliff is in charge of the household, five girls call Theo and start giggling but won’t leave their names, Rudy and Buuuud get into a fight over feminism and Vanessa eats a cookie?

  7. claudia

    i think i am in love with you. i laughed until my tonsils seized. may a heaven of chaotic knitwear await you.

  8. Dill

    I believe I may have found a Cosby sweater. Not one that he wore (or maybe he did, but a different size), but one that closely resembles his style. If I showed you a picture, would you be able to pick it out as either a Cosby or just your garden variety ugly sweater? And if so, would you perhaps know which episode(s) this sweater guest starred in?

    I know it’s an obscure question, but you seem to be a pretty irrefutable source of Cosby knowledge.


  9. d2

    Can you tell me about the one where Cliff delivers twins and Rudy spills the mashed potatoes before dinner, only to find out that her grandma and grandpa (paternal) hate mashed potatoes anyway? And I think Denise talks to a boy on the phone in that one.

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