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The one with all the G–damn sweaters

You know how many sweaters are in this very special sweater episode? About 37. Sweaters over turtlenecks. Sweatshirts under sweaters. Men’s oxford shirts under sweaters. Turtlenecks under rayon buttondowns under sweaters. There’s a physical fight over a sweater that results in Denise losing driving privileges and Vanessa blaming everything on her terrible friend Janet. Vanessa also gets a D on her history test, Cliff blames newborns for ruining his life, Vanessa’s boyfriend Robert’s hair looks like a mushroom cloud, and the whole thing culminates with the family joining 6 year old Rudy on the couch who was previously alone watching Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech on TV (because that’s what 6 year olds like to watch alone) and Denise and Vanessa sharing a knowing look because seriously guys, let freedom ring from the mountaintops so we can all wear sweaters to the dance and not have Janet gossip about us.


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