The Bill Cosby Fun Game

The Bill Cosby Fun Game – Click to load and play

This game takes 5 seconds to load and be sure to turn up your volume.  Basically, Bill has lost his rape trial and is broke and homeless so he has decided that mugging people is the best way to get cash.  He lures them in with pudding and then beats them over the head with his camera and steals their money.  He buries the bodies in his secret lair where he has stashed a yard gnome and Steve Urkel, both of which he can sell for cash to a fat naked man on Ebay if he’s really in a pinch.  Sometimes his camera breaks or he runs out of pudding so he has to go to the store and buy some from Rosie O’Donnell.  But when the cops are on his tail and he has run out of money and his camera is broken and he can’t mug anyone, it’s a good time to have him kill himself with the help of Knight Rider. 


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